4 Types of Lubchem Greases

4 Types of Lubchem Greases


With many types of greases available on the market, it’s essential to find what suits your needs. Every machine or equipment requires a unique lubricant to operate efficiently. Thankfully, industrial greases have different properties that match their applications.

What are our top types of grease? 

Due to their versatility, greases have different uses across various industries. They are vital in the automotive, mining, manufacturing, construction, marine, steel, and farming industry. If you’re unsure of the grease you need, consider these options at Lubchem.

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  1. Longlife 1600 – Multi-Purpose Lubricant
  2. Longlife 1600 A – Arctic Grade Lubricant
  3. Longlife Moly – Heavy Duty Moly Lubricant
  4. Longlife SRL-50 – Sucker Rod Lubricant

1) Longlife 1600 – Multi-Purpose Lubricant

This multi-purpose grease comprises premium 12-hydroxy stearate mixed with a premium additive system. As a result, it has a broad temperature range and is water-insoluble. In addition, it’s washout-resistant and treated with corrosion inhibitors, oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure additives.

2) Longlife 1600 A – Arctic Grade Lubricant

This grease is ideal for ball valve lubrication or as a gate valve body filler in low-temperature applications. Longlife 1600 is a multi-purpose, low-temperature, water-insoluble grease that offers low torque in cold environments. Besides, it has an anti-galling additive and corrosion inhibitor that protects seat rings, springs, and sealing surfaces from corrosion.

3) Longlife Moly LT – Heavy Duty Moly Lubricant

Longlife Moly is a fully additive-treated, water-insoluble grease. It comprises antirust, anti-wear, antioxidant, and extreme-pressure additives. This grease also contains quality molybdenum disulfide and is treated with soluble chemical additives that prevent wear in high-load applications. You can use it in general-purpose applications.

4) Longlife SRL-50 – Sucker Rod Lubricant

This grease is designed to safeguard the threads of sucker rod connections under tough operating conditions of high cyclic loading. It’s a lithium complex EP grease with low-temperature properties. Besides, SRL-50 is a perfect blend of synthetic fluids and petroleum base oils. As a result, it offers great resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures.

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All types of greases discussed in this guide are available at Lubchem. All you need to do is evaluate your needs and select a lubricant that suits your application. If you don’t know the grease that works best for your machine or equipment, let experts at Lubchem help you.

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