Longlife Moly LT – Heavy Duty Moly Lubricant

Longlife Moly LT – Heavy Duty Moly Lubricant


Longlife Moly LT – EP Grease is a fully additive treated, multi-purpose grease that is water insoluble and treated for extra protection. It contains antirust, anti-wear, extreme pressure, and antioxidant additives. It is a good quality molybdenum disulfide compounded low temperature grease, also treated with soluble chemical additives to prevent wear, especially under very highly loaded conditions. Use Longlife Moly LT in low temperature applications where medium to severe conditions prevail.


  • Water insoluble and washout resistant
  • Fully additive treated
  • Excellent low temperature performance

Physical Properties

  • NLGI No. 2
  • Thickener – Anhydrous Calcium
  • Color/texture – observed gray/smooth with slight fiber
  • Worked 60 penetration – D-217, 265 to 295
  • Dropping point – D-566, 285°F, 140°C
  • Wheel Bearing Leakage – D-1263, rating pass
  • Oil separation – D-1742, % loss 5
  • Timken OK load – D-2509, lb 45
  • Rust prevention – D-1743, rating pass
  • Oxidation Stability – D-942, psi drop 4.0 at 100 hr.
  • Approximate temperature range: -65° to 280°F

Product Code – LMLT