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At Lubchem, we believe quality is the most important piece to lubrication. Our lubricants and grease are tested thoroughly to obtain the highest performance, longest service life and the highest quality possible in the industry.


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Based in Houston, Texas, Lubchem is a high-quality manufacturer and distributor of renewable and sustainable specialty lubricants and chemicals for heavy duty applications in the oilfield, pipeline, refining, petrochemical, and mining industries.


For more than 60 years, Lubchem has excelled as a proven leader. We help petrochemical and industrial customers find unique solutions to specific problems, including:

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Toll Blending

We have strength and experience in this services allowed in successfully delivering.

Toll Blending

We have strength and experience in this services allowed in successfully delivering.

Toll Blending

We have strength and experience in this services allowed in successfully delivering.

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In today’s competitive business market, the need for high-quality, oil & gas chemical products and the supporting technology has never been more critical. For nearly 60 years, Lubchem has provided unmatched services and product lines for America’s most respected names in oil & gas exploration. Let us help you develop the competitive edge your operation needs to rise to the next level.

Lubchem is a pioneering leader in wellhead and valve lubricant chemical lines servicing a network of customers around the world. Known for high-quality custom toll blends, Lubchem also offers research and development facilities, as well as a comprehensive global distribution network.

Lubchem is dedicated to producing premier chemical products for the oil & gas industry. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may help.


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