Longlife SRL-50 – Sucker Rod Lubricant

Longlife SRL-50 – Sucker Rod Lubricant

Longlife SRL-50 is engineered to protect the threads of sucker rod connections under severe operating conditions of high cyclic loading. SRL-50 is a high temperature, lithium complex EP grease with excellent low temperature properties. SRL-50 is a unique blend of petroleum base oils and synthetic fluids providing excellent resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures with exceptional performance under extreme low temperature conditions. SRL-50 contains EP/anti-wear additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors that provide superior protection from thread galling in sucker rod connections.



Clean the connection prior to make up. Apply a thin coat of SRL-50 to the thread.

CAUTION: Do not lubricate the pin shoulder face or the coupling shoulder face or a loss of tightness can occur resulting in a connection failure.


Physical Properties


  • NLGI No. 2
  • Color/texture – blue/smooth
  • Unworked penetration – D-217 265 to 295
  • Worked 60 penetration – D-217 265 to 295
  • Oxidation stability – D-942 psi drop 2.5 @ 100 hr.
  • Oil separation – D-1742, % loss 1.0
  • Timken OK load – D-2509, lb 70
  • Four-ball wear – D-2266, mm 0.45
  • Four-ball weld point – D-2596, kgf, 315
  • Dropping point – D-2265, 550°F (288°C)
  • Temperature range: -65° to 356°F (-54° to 180°C)


Product Code – SRL50






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