Lubchem Model 1000 Hydraulic Hand Pump

• Lubricant Stick Size – J
• Grease Delivery – 1 ounce per 40 strokes
• Hose Assembly – 967801
• Pressure Rating – 10,000 psi
• Total weight – 13 lbs


The Lubchem 1000 Hydraulic Hand Pump (part # 1000) exerts a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi. It is a durable self priming pump that is easy to operate. This unit is equipped with a bypass valve that allows the user to relieve internal- pressure at any time by turning the bypass valve counter clockwise one revolution.

As an added safety feature the Lubchem model 1000 is equipped with an internal hydraulic relief valve. This feature provides maximum safety for the user by preventing over pressurization of the hydraulic system.


  • Handle Latch Assembly: Prevents damage due to over extension of the
  • Graduated Handle: One ounce marked handle to eliminate waste and provide greater accuracy during injection.
  • Warning: Use only UCON-500 hydraulic fluid or equal in this


Replacement parts and repair kits are available upon request.