Air Operated Lubrication Model 10C-16 and 10C-55

Lubchem Model 10C-16 and 10C-55 High Pressure Grease Pumps

The Pumps Model 10C-16 and 10C-55 Heavy Duty Grease Pumps are reliable, heavy duty air operated grease guns.
Both of these pumps are equipped with 100:1 ratio air motor that is capable of 10,000 psi discharge pressure.
Discharge pressure may be adjusted by regulating the inlet air pressure to the pump through the air inlet regulator.
This high-volume grease gun is capable of pumping 26 ounces per minute of NLGI #2 grease. The Model 10C-16
pump is available for use with 120 lb. drums and the Model 10C-55 pump is available for use with 420 lb. drums.

Both of the Model 10C-16 and 55 pumps include the following:
• High volume delivery
• 100:1 ratio air motor• Drum Cover
• Follower Plate
• For use with 55 or 16-gallon drums
• Pumps 26 ounces per minute of NLGI # 2 grease
• Adjustable discharge pressure up to 10,000 psi
• Maximum air inlet pressure 150 psi
• Air inlet lubricator
• Air inlet regulator
• Air inlet gauge
• 10′ of 3/8” ID discharge hose included
• Whip hose
• Control Valve
• 15K psi discharge pressure gauge
• Swivel
• High pressure quick disconnects
• Pressure Relief Valve
• Giant Button Head Coupler
• Additional lube fittings available on request