Lubchem Air/Hydraulic Grease Gun Part No. YJ10K

This is an air/hydraulic, 10,000 psi, frame mounted grease pump with K size barrel and a 6ft discharge hose
assembly. This light weight compact air/hydraulic grease gun has four rubber legs to allow stability on uneven
surfaces. It is equipped with giant button head coupler, 15,000 psi gauge, cover, handle and quick disconnect
couplers on the hydraulic lines.

To load grease in the pump simply follow these steps:
1. Stand the unit up on end
2. Press down on the RELEASE pedal
3. Unscrew the sealant cap with hose assembly attached
4. Fully depress the piston with the handle
5. Load either a “J” or “K” stick
6. Replace sealant cap
7. Connect air supply
8. Connect giant button head coupler to valve fitting and press down on the PUMP pedal.

Note: Cartridge grease can only be used with a Cartridge Loader