Everlast 960 AG – Hydrocarbon Resistant Lubricant/Sealant

Everlast 960 AG – Hydrocarbon Resistant Lubricant/Sealant


Everlast 960 AG is the only valve lubricant which allows for extreme low temperature pumpability while being insoluble in hydrocarbons. Everlast 960 AG is formulated from Lubchem’s proprietary Lubeflex line of base oils. These oils are unique in that they are insoluble in a multitude of different hydrocarbons while at the same time allowing for minimal valve torque at extreme low temperatures. Everlast 960 AG is a synthetic lubricant formulated for high chemical and mechanical stability to general hydrocarbon service. The synthetic polymer oils used in Everlast 960 AG make this an excellent all purpose valve lubricant and sealant for the oilfield. Everlast 960 AG is a blend of synthetic oils for use in valves carrying LPG, LNG, aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids and gasses including, kerosene, fuel oils, sweet and sour crude distillates, dilute acids, and caustics.


For use in ball, plug, and gate valves.

DO NOT use in oxygen service.


  • 100% synthetic
  • Contains Moly
  • High metal adhesion
  • Non-Melting
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Temperature range: -75°F to 350°F
  • Dual-purpose valve lubricant/sealant
  • Designed for use in plug valves as a sealant and in ball and gate vales as lubricant
  • Resistant to organic acids, caustic solutions and is inhibited for use in H2S and/or CO2
  • Has excellent dual resistance to water and petroleum products
  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications from the wellhead to product pipelines
  • High metal adhesion
  • 100% synthetic
  • Extreme low temperature pumpability
  • Does not contain Teflon, clays, titanium dioxide or other abrasive fillers
Test Method Description Results
FTM-5414 Fuel Solubility 28.66%
DIN 51805 Kesternich Flow Pressure @ -60°F Flow Observed @ 20psi
ASTM D-1403 Un-worked Penetration, 1/2 Scale 276
ASTM D-1403 Worked Penetration, 1/2 Scale 295
ASTM D-566 Dropping Point > 288°C
ASTM D-2596 Load Wear Index 81.68
Last Non-Seizure Load (scar) 100 kg (0.45mm)
Last Seizure Load (scar) 315 kg (2.02 mm)
Weld Load 400 kg

Ordering Information

Part # Description
EV96040 Everlast 960/5 gallon/40 lb. pail
EV960J16 Everlast 960/Size J(1-1/2” x 9”) 6 per box
EV14610 Everlast 960/10 lb./5 quart p
EV146120 Everlast 146-120 lb. drum
EV146420 Everlast 146-420 lb. drum