Lubchem 1200 Lube Pumps

The Lubchem 1200 Hand Guns apply up to 10,000 psi of discharge pressure with a minimum amount of applied force by the user. The guns are set up for lubricating both ball valves and plug valves. The pumps are heavy-duty, lever operated, and are primed by tightening the “T” screw handle. This pump accepts industry-standard K-size lube sealant grease sticks. The outlet thread is 1/4 NPTF. The pump uses hose assembly 967801 as seen below, additional hose assemblies and options are available on request. To order the model 1200, use part number 1200.

12001500 Hand Pump Diagram


Items Description
1 Head
2 Pipe Plug
3 Nut
4 Primer Plug
5 Washer
6 Primer Spring
7 Screw
8 Nut
9 Barrel
10 Collar
11 Screw Handle
12 Link
13 Stud
14 Lock Washer
15 Plunger Stud
16 Plunger Handle
17 Plunger
18 Packing Nut
19 Packing
20 Head Gasket
21 Coupler Cap
22 Cloupler Seat
23 Coupler Spring
24 O-ring
25 Coupler Piston
26 Coupler Body
27 Coupler Assembly
28 Coupler Adapter
29 Hose



The model 1200 gun is not equipped with an internal ball check in the head assembly and line pressure may bleed back into the barrel. Before removing the giant button head coupler, raise the plunger handle and turn the primer screw counterclockwise to relieve pressure.