Frac & Flowback Lubricants

Lubchem Fractastic Greases are a unique line of injectable polyurethane frac valve sealants/Iubricants. Fractastic Greases are the only frac valve sealants/lubricants in the market today manufactured from a pure polyurethane base oil derived from vegetable oil feedstocks as opposed to hydrocarbon base oils. While hydrocarbon oil based lubricants perform well in water, they tend to rapidly breakdown in the presence of other downhole chemicals such as flow improvers, cosolvents & hydrocarbons. This eliminates their ability to provide lubricity and sealing which ultimately allow sand and other debris to enter the valve body.

Although Fractastic greases are primarily designed as valve sealants, they also provides excellent lubricity. These products will form a tenacious insoluble hydrodynamic film between sealing surfaces providing superior sealing properties and insured lubricity during fracking and flowback operations. This insoluble hydrodynamic film has proven to be extremely effective at keeping sand and other debris from entering the valve body while insuring sealant/lubricant retention. Fractastic greases will reduce lubricant usage and valve repairs. Fractastic Series
Lubricants consists of multiple different grades for most operating environments.


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