Formasil CO2 – Winter Grade Sealant

Formasil CO2 – Winter Grade Sealant


Synthetic valve sealants formulated for use in highly corrosive, low temperature services. This product should be used to seal leaking plug valves and ball valves handling carbon dioxide, sour crude and gas, salt water, hydrocarbons, acids, or caustic solutions.


For use in plug, ball, and gate valves in low temperature environments. Suitable for use in hydrocarbon gasses.

DO NOT use in oxygen service.


  • Outstanding low temp performance
  • 100% synthetic
  • High metal adhesion
  • Excellent sealing capabilities
  • Inhibited for H2S
  • Temperature range: -40° to 350°F
  • Inhibited for CO2
  • Cone Penetration ASTM D217 260-280
  • Dropping Point – None
  • 60 month shelf life when stored in a cool dry climate
  • 10000 PSI working pressure
  • EP additives
  • Non-Toxic

Product Code – FSCW