What is a Pressure Activated Valve Sealant?

What is a Pressure Activated Valve Sealant?


A pressure-activated valve sealant is a novel sealing fluid that offers rapid and self-adapting repairs on any slight damage to static seals. That’s when a pressure difference occurs around the seals due to a leak. However, the sealant’s sealing property depends on the size of the leakage site, limiting the integrity recovery of oil and gas wellbores.

Although equipment manufacturers and operators strive to create tight seals, the wellhead connections, seals, and fittings can weaken and fail. So, the pressure integrity of the wellbore’s barrier systems gets compromised. Unfortunately, the pressure release at the failing components can result in inoperable subsurface safety valves. That’s where an activated valve sealant comes in handy.

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How They Work

The pressure-activated sealant helps to seal leaks in tubes, wellbores, and hydraulic systems. Since pressure differences activate the sealant, it remains fluid in the wellbore or hydraulic systems until released through a leak point. The sealant reaction will only occur and bridge the leaking site at the point of high differential pressure. It works similarly to how blood coagulates or clots at a cut to prevent further bleeding.

Industries Where These Sealants Work

Offshore production of oil and gas involves complex systems of flowlines, wells, and hydraulic systems. So, pressure-activated sealants are widely applicable in the oil and gas industry to repair leakages in offshore hydraulic systems. Any breakdown in the hydraulic system results in economic losses and compromise system integrity and the environment. Thankfully, the sealant can prevent all that from happening.

Lubchem’s Pressure Activated Valve Sealant

Now that you understand how pressure-activated sealants work, it’s time to source the product from a reliable company like Lubchem. We offer a high-performance pressure-activated valve sealant known as Rheoseal-HZ with proprietary polymers that tightly seal flow lines and hydraulic systems. Once you inject this sealant into the system, it travels quickly to the leak point and creates an elastomer-like seal.

Let Lubchem Help

A pressure-activated valve sealant is vital in any hydraulic system to prevent leaks from happening. So, as an oilfield operator, consider investing in these special valve sealants to avoid any economic loss or dangers arising from leaks. The good news is that Lubchem offers high-quality valve sealants that match the standards.

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