What is a Lubrication Pump?

What is a Lubrication Pump?

What is a Lubrication Pump Lubchem Houston Texas

What is a lubrication pump? A lubrication pump supplies oil from a reservoir to lubrication points in the machine. The pump pushes the lubricant at high pressure to pass through the lubricating system’s supply and feed lines to the plain bearings and other lubrication points. The pressure is critical because it ensures the supply of the correct oil quantities to every lubrication point.

A lubrication pump feeds oil and grease into moving parts of equipment. The lubricating oil offsets friction in bearings, which causes wear and tear in machines and reduces their effectiveness. These machines are more likely to fail after a short time. The two types of lubricating pumps are manual and electric

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Types of Lubrication Pumps

The two classifications of lubricating pumps are manual and electric pumps.

Manual pumps are pump designs that work in manual lubrication systems. These pumps have a handle that you press down to carry the lubricant from the reservoir to the friction points. The advantage of having a manual oil pump is that you can choose when to lubricate.

So, what’s the disadvantage of manual pumps?

First, you can’t be sure if the amount of oil released is enough and if it hits the friction points at the required time. Another disadvantage of a manual pump is that it works only when the machine is off.

The electric or automatic pump has set operating conditions. These pump types are a safer way of supplying lubrication oil to moving parts. In addition, you won’t need to shut down the machine to add lubrication. Instead, apply the oil when the machinery moves to ensure it reaches the bearings and other friction points.

Electric or automatic pumps provide consistent lubrication and ensure proper lubrication without supervision. 

Lubricants That Can Be Applied With a Pump

While lubrication pumps supply oil and grease to machines’ moving parts, some lubricants can are usable with the pump, and others are not. For example, well operators use grease lubrication with a pump because of its ease of lube containment.

High-film-strength synthetic lubricants also get applied with a pump. But, you must ensure the oil is clean and change it often to reduce the chances of harming bearings. Mineral oil is another great lubricant applied with a pump. But, some mineral oils are too thin for pumps.

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So far, you can answer the question: What is a lubrication pump? A lubrication pump supplies grease and oil to other moving parts to prevent friction. You only need to select the lubricants that work well with your lubrication pump. Thankfully, you can shop for lubrication products at Lubchem at affordable prices.

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