How to Choose the Right Grease For Heavy Machinery

How to Choose the Right Grease For Heavy Machinery


With many lubricants in the market, you may have trouble choosing the best grease for heavy machinery. Not all grease products can work well in heavy equipment because they have different features. So, it’s essential to consider factors such as the properties of the available grease options to determine if they suit heavy machinery applications.

Heavy machinery gets exposed to much force, heating, and contamination daily. The best way to protect the equipment from the devastating impacts of friction is through grease lubrication. As a result, it will prevent machine components from grinding into each other. So how do you find the best grease for your machine?

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Here is how to choose the best heavy-duty grease for heavy equipment.

Determine What You Need

Due to the unprecedented influx of grease products in the market, it’s vital to consider your specific lubrication needs. First, compare the properties of different greases to help you find what matches your needs. Then, check the machine’s Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) manual to see the recommended grease option.

The next thing to consider is the nature of the environment the machine operates. Consider using marine greases with lithium complex thickeners for applications requiring constant exposure to wet conditions. They prevent salt and rust damage.

Look at How Heavy Your Loads Are 

Heavy machinery usually supports heavy loads, which you should also consider. You should select a grease that can handle extremely high pressure and still lubricate the machine components properly. All the grease points must get lubricated.

Thanks to the heavy-duty grease–this is where it comes in handy. It can withstand heavy loads and protect the machine from wear or corrosion. An excellent type of grease for heavy-load applications is grease with molybdenum disulfide (moly grease).

Find a Brand You Can Trust

Greasing heavy equipment requires quality grease lubricants. So, the kind of grease you want should come from a reputable manufacturer. There are many brands in the market, making things a bit difficult. However, you can still find a reputable brand, especially the options certified by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NGLI). 

Let Lubchem Help

As an equipment operator, you should find it easy to select grease for heavy machinery now that you know the factors to consider. The bottom line is that heavy equipment needs heavy-duty grease that can withstand the unique and constant requirements of the machines. Thankfully, you can find high-quality, heavy-duty grease at Lubchem.

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