What is the Best Bearing Lubrication? Oil vs Grease

What is the Best Bearing Lubrication? Oil vs Grease


Lack of bearing lubrication can result in bearing failure. Lubrication helps separate ball or roller bearings from the raceways, minimizing wear and friction. It also helps prevent corrosion and promotes the smooth running of the seals to reduce seal wear. As a result, it improves the effectiveness of the seals in keeping the lubrication within them.

There are two types of lubrications for bearing application: oil vs grease. Both are helpful in lubricating rotation bearings to avoid damage due to bearing-to-bearing contact. However, there are a few differences in their applications and elements. For example, grease is oil mixed with thickeners and other additives.

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So, which is better, oil or grease lubricants?

Benefits of Oil 

Oil lubrication is ideal for high-temperature and high-speed applications that require heat transfer away from the moving bearing surfaces. An oil lubricant flows, disperses, and dissipates heat better than grease. Oil lubrications can be synthetic or mineral, depending on the base compound. Besides, they have varying viscosities.

Benefits of Grease

Grease lubricants have three main components: base oil, thickeners, and additives, such as rust inhibitors. Besides, grease is the better lubrication choice for linear guide and drive applications. That’s because it sticks to the bearing surfaces longer and is better than oil lubricants. Besides, it is less likely to run off or get ejected from rotating parts. 

Depends on Your Preference

You can pick a lubricant that’s best for your application now that you know the operating conditions of oil and grease lubricants. For example, if the operating temperature for the bearings is high and requires faster heat dissipation, opt for oil lubrication. On the other hand, grease provides better seals against contaminants and is ideal for leakage control.

Lubchem Can Help

Now that you know the difference between oil vs grease for bearing lubrication, you must choose an option that matches your applications. However, you must maintain the right amount of lubrication to achieve optimum bearing life. Most importantly, buy high-quality lubricants from a reputable company like Lubchem, oil or grease.

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