4 Reasons You Should Use Valve Sealants

4 Reasons You Should Use Valve Sealants


If you are looking for a way to seal gate valves with moderate or severe damage, you can opt for valve sealants. Gate valves can leak when the sealing surfaces of the seals or gate get damaged. The good news is that sealants can form a tight seal, stopping the gate valves from leaking further. There are many benefits of using valve sealants.

What are some reasons to use valve sealants? 

Valves control the passage of gas or liquid through pipes or tubings. So, any damage to the valve can cause leaks and result in significant losses. The good news is that valve sealants can protect the valve systems from such issues, a reason to use them. Here are some benefits of using valve sealants.

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  1. Corrosion Resistance
  2. Lubrication
  3. Better Seals
  4. Greater Performance

1) Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is one of the severe issues in gate valves, as it can result in extensive damage. The good news is that valve sealants can help prevent the corrosion of the internal parts of the valves. They’re resistant to oxidation and high atmospheric oxygen.

2) Lubrication

Valve sealants also help lubricate by preventing metal-to-metal contact of the valve-sealing components. When one metal slides against the surface of another, friction builds up, which could compromise the valves’ effectiveness. Applying a protective sealant film on the bearing area avoids metal-to-metal rubbing.

3) Better Seals

Consider adding a valve sealant if you want to secure a tight seal on a gate valve. It will create a seal between the valves’ sealing surfaces. Notably, the seal is often formed by transmitting the sealant through a series of passageways near the valve port. The good news is that such seals can survive a vast range of temperatures and pressures.

4) Greater Performance

A valve lubricant sealant has an incredibly high performance to ensure tight sealing. You can use a non-hardening valve temporarily for emergency repairs when a gate valve gets damaged. This ensures that the valve system continues operations as you schedule a replacement. As a result, you won’t experience cases of leaking valves.

Lubchem Can Provide You With Valve Sealants

Valve sealants are vital in ensuring the top performance of valve systems. Their high metal adhesion makes it easy to form a tight seal, preventing leaks around the valves. So, you must strive for a high-quality sealant that matches your application. The good news is that you can get a wide range of lubricants and sealants at Lubchem.

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