Bypass valve function in an oil valve

Bypass valve function in an oil valve

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The engine lubricating system relies heavily on oil filters. These oil filters eliminate all the types of pollutants that might harm your motor engine in the long run


If left unfiltered, motor oil can get saturated with small, hard particles that can damage the surfaces of internal parts.


Bypass-Relief-Valve (BPRV) is included in all current oil filtering systems to prevent “extra oil usage” if and when the filter becomes blocked. A spin filter, in which the valve is an integrated component of the filter, and a cartridge filter, in which the valve is primarily part of the housing, are the two types of filters.


When the filter becomes clogged and the lubricant is unable to flow through the filter’s media, the Bypass-Relief-Valve is constructed with a predetermined opening pressure to enable free passage of oil. Pressure might build up without a bypass valve or if the valve doesn’t open correctly, causing the filter to break and the oil to flow. If the valve opens too fast or too frequently, tainted oil will flow into the engine, speeding up the wear of the engine’s surfaces. If the valve opens too late, the oil flow may get impeded, resulting in inadequate lubrication.


To ensure the longevity of your engine, the opening pressure is properly calibrated.


All aspects of LubChem, including the bypass relief valve, are supplied by LubChem to satisfy OEM specifications. It’s ideally suited to current engines’ high oil flow rates. Simply putting LubChem guarantees, that your engine is adequately protected by providing the proper quantity of clean lubricant.


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