4 Types of Industrial Grade Greases

4 Types of Industrial Grade Greases


Different types of industrial-grade grease products can help reduce friction in various industrial applications. You can use greases to keep machines, vehicles, vessels, and their components lubricated at all times. However, each grease has unique features.

What are the types of industrial-grade greases?

Industrial greases are highly versatile and can be helpful in different applications based on their unique properties. That’s why each industrial lubricant or grease produces different results. So, it will be best to use the right grease for the right application.

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Here are the four types of industrial-grade greases you should know.

  1. Calcium-Based Grease
  2. Lithium-Based Grease
  3. Bentone-Based Grease
  4. Barium Complex Grease

1) Calcium-Based Grease

As one of the first greases manufactured for general purposes, calcium grease is helpful in various applications. It helps in industrial, automotive, and agricultural applications. Besides, it’s water resistant and possesses good rust and corrosion protection features. However, this grease is ideal for low-temperature applications.

2) Lithium-Based Grease

Lithium grease is another multipurpose lubricant known for its stability, durability, and high viscosity. It can offer long-lasting protection against corrosion, oxidation, wear and tear, and extreme temperatures. Besides, lithium greases are well-defined by their high water resistance and excellent lubrication. Moreover, they can withstand high pressure.

3) Bentone-Based Grease

This grease is clay-based as it gets manufactured with bentonite clay. It’s a “non-melt lubricant” since it has no dropping point. Bentone grease’s primary properties include better temperature change resistance, great tear and wear protection, excellent water tolerance, and improved shear stability. Notably, it’s ideal for heavy-duty applications.

4) Barium Complex Grease

Barium complex grease is the best grease for heavy loads and high-speed applications. Its high performance, mechanical stability, and high-temperature resistance make it the number-one choice for marine, industrial, and manufacturing applications. Besides, it has great oxidation stability, excellent chemical resistance, and high water tolerance.

Bonus: Multi-purpose Greases

Multipurpose greases combine the properties of two or more specialized greases, and you can apply them in more than one application. Lithium-based grease is an excellent example of a multipurpose grease. You can use this in both in the chassis and wheel bearings of vehicles. 

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