From Spills to Soil: How Oil Biodegradability Works

From Spills to Soil: How Oil Biodegradability Works

from Spills to Soil How Oil Biodegradability Works Lubchem

Many industries have hyped the benefits of biodegradable lubricants, but it’s not wrong to ask, “How does oil biodegradability work?” Undoubtedly, some oil lubricants may spill into the soil during operations. The time the oil stays in the ground before breaking down defines its biodegradability. But the rule of thumb is that biodegradable oils are eco-friendly.

As every industry invests in sustainable solutions, most have resolved to acquire biodegradable lubricants. But unfortunately, this concept is new and has received concerns from every corner. So, before you think of going green with bio-based or biodegradable lubricants, it’s essential to know what it is and how it works.

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Here is what oil biodegradation means and the factors affecting the process.

Introduction to Oil Biodegradability

Oil biodegradability is the ability of oil deposits to decompose, mainly through the breakdown by bacteria. Readily biodegradable lubricants comprise vegetable oils and a few synthetic ester base stocks added to improve the performance. The fact that biodegradable lubricants can degrade naturally makes them environmentally friendly.

Factors that Affect Oil Biodegradation

The rate of oil biodegradation depends on many factors. Examples include a lubricant’s chemical structure and bioavailability. Other environmental factors like temperature, soil pH, moisture, and the availability of plants can also impact the rate of oil biodegradation. The number of microorganisms in the soil can also influence the time the oil decomposes.

Natural and Artificial Methods for Enhancing Oil Biodegradation

Improving an oil’s biodegradability helps to improve its performance and protect the environment. Thankfully, you can enhance oil biodegradation both naturally and artificially. The natural way to strengthen biodegradation is to increase the number of microorganisms to disintegrate the oil. On the other hand, artificial methods involve adding degradation enzymes.

Advantages of Lubchem Lubricants

How does oil biodegradability work? So far, you understand what oil biodegradation is and what affects it. The bottom line is that you should prioritize better lubrication options and practices to extend your machine’s lifespan. However, the good news is that you’ll get high-performance lubricants from Lubchem. We test our lubricants thoroughly to ensure the highest performance, the most extended service life, and the highest quality possible.

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