BWL-800 Series

Biodegradable Wireline Grease Seal


“Lubchem BWL-800 is a biodegradable series of synthetic grease seal products, developed to protect wireline exposed to environments where conventional wireline sealants fail. Our BWL- 800 Series is designed for use in deep, high temperature, corrosive oil & gas wells, up to 475°F, in the presence of H2S and CO2. BWL-800 Series maintain viscosity at elevated operating temperatures. A downhole corrosion inhibitor and EP additive package are incorporated and provide unequalled protection. BWL-800 Series is inhibited for high concentrations of acid gasses. It is resistant to water, hydrocarbons, 100% CO2, H2S and will protect wireline from corrosion at high temperature and pressures of 20,000 psi. Refer to current viscosity curves for detailed product selection data.
The Lubchem BWL-800 Series is biodegradable. It is considered non-hazardous by EPA and DOT. The products are offered in viscosity grades of 10, 12,16, 20 & 24 to meet a wide range of operating temperature and handling requirements. Each viscosity grade contains an additive package which includes an EP (extreme pressure) additive and a downhole corrosion inhibitor. ”


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