Valve Saver AW – Valve Cleaner/Lubricant

Valve Saver AW – Valve Cleaner/Lubricant

Valve Saver AW is a combination valve cleaner and lubricant designed to lubricate and clean deposits common to valves in pipeline and production valves. Valve Saver AW can be used as a valve cleaner and as a lubricant. Valve Saver AW consists of a premium quality Anhydrous Calcium base grease, blended with a proprietary additive package that includes a dispersant/surfactant. This unique compound will lubricate the valves’ internal components and at the same time, emulsify a variety of organic and organometallic compounds common to pipeline operations. When used regularly, it will prevent additional build up of pipeline contaminants. The anhydrous calcium base grease provides good lubrication qualities over a wide temperature range of -65° to 250°F.

Valve Saver AW is compatible with the following elastomers:

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Teflon
  • Perfluoroelastomer
  • Kalrez
  • Chemraz
  • TFEPVDF-Terpolymer rubber
  • Viton
  • Fluorel
  • Chlorinated Butyl Robber and Butadiene Rubber
  • Isoprene Rubber
  • Epichlorohydrin copolymer rubber
  • Epichlorohydrin terpolymer robber Polysulfide rubber
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethlene rubber


  • Compatible with all valve lubricants
  • Cuts gum and lacquer deposits
  • Penetrates rust and corrosion
  • Do not use in oxygen service
  • Temperature range: -65° to 250°F

Product Code – VSAW