LZ-11 – Silicone Lubricant

LZ-11 – Silicone Lubricant


LZ-11 is a highly purified silicone lubricant that resists deterioration by chlorides, solvents, acids, low-pressure steam, and condensate. LZ-11 is designed for use on plug valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, swivel joints, mechanical seals and packing, and flexible ball joints exposed to harsh chemical environments. It is also an excellent lubricant for rubber and plastic o-rings, sealing vacuum and pressure systems.


For use in plug, gate, and ball valves. Suitable for use in hydrocarbon gasses.

Physical Properties

  • Consistency, cone penetration – D-217, 220 to 300
  • Dropping point – F (D-566) none
  • Oil separation – % wt. loss (D-1742) 5 max
  • Oxidation stability – D-942, 10 max
  • Rust preventive test – D-1743, rating pass
  • Low temperature torque – D-1478 @ -75°F (-60°C) start 5200 gm-cm
  • Flash point – 610°F
  • Temperature ranges: -40° to 400°F
  • Color – clear/white
  • Type oil – silicone

Product Code – LZ11