Lubchem V-Clean – Liquid Valve Cleaner

Lubchem V-Clean – Liquid Valve Cleaner

Lubchem V-Clean is a complex blend of surfactants, dispersants and wetting agents designed to thoroughly clean clogged sealant pathways in ball, plug and gate valves. V-Clean will lift deposits of oils, greases (hydrocarbon and synthetic), salts, asphaltines, paraffin, and other solid debris (including corrosion products) from the surface of the metal. V-Clean will displace water and hold the debris in suspension allowing it to be flushed from the system using a Lubchem V-Clean Flush Pump or other suitable pumping equipment.

Application Guidelines

V-Clean should be used as supplied, no dilution is necessary. V-Clean should be pumped into the valve at a rate sufficient to force the liquid into contact with the entire surfaces to be cleaned. The volume of V-Clean required per cleaning job varies depending upon valve condition and size. However, to estimate chemical requirements, use approximately 1 quart of V-Clean per 4 inches of the diameter of the valve for plug valves per seat for ball valves. For gate valves, use a sufficient quantity to fill the valve body and flush the seats when possible. The reaction time for deposit removal varies by deposit, as a general rule, allow the product about 15 minutes to dissolve the deposit, repeat the procedure until the desired performance is obtained.

Typical Properties

  • Color – amber liquid
  • Odor – mild
  • Flash point, F – > 200
  • pH – 12
  • Solubility
    • Water – soluble
    • Oil – dispersible

V-Clean is available in:

  • Part number – packaging
  • VC21 – 6/1 gal. plastic bottles
  • VC29 – 5 gal. pail w/pour spout