Everlast 620 for High Pressure Plug Valves

Everlast 620 for High Pressure Plug Valves


Everlast 620 is a high performance, synthetic valve lubricant and sealant for ball, plug, and gate valves. The advanced polymers and extreme pressure additives used in this product make it an excellent choice for use in high-pressure valves carrying natural gas, crude oil, condensate and ethylene. Everlast 620 contains unique solid lubricant additives that prevent metal to metal contact under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. This product has been tested and found to prevent galling at pressures to 20,000 psi.


Everlast 620 is a specialized lubricant for close tolerance valves and will provide outstanding lubricity and high adhesion to polished metal surfaces. This grease provides corrosion protection and is water-resistant.

Typical Properties

  • Appearance – white
  • Temperature range: -20 to 450 F
  • Penetration, 25 Deg C, wkd, 60 str 150 – 165
  • Drop Point, Deg C none
  • Oxidation Stability (D-942) 10 max

Product Code – 620