Everlast 3 High Temp/High Pressure

Everlast 3 High Temp/High Pressure


Everlast 3 is a synthetic lubricant for high temperature applications in hydrocarbon service. Everlast 3 is chemically resistant to aliphatic liquids and gasses, including gasoline and kerosene, fuel and lubricating oils, natural gas and brine water. Everlast 3 is effective at temperatures to 500°F and is fortified with anti-rust, anti-wear, and corrosion inhibitors. The unique additive package in Everlast 3 bonds to metal surfaces reducing the damaging effects of corrosion and scale deposition on critical valve components.


For use in plug, gate, and ball valves. Suitable for use in hydrocarbon gasses.

DO NOT use in oxygen service.


  • 100% synthetic
  • Water resistant
  • Fully additive treated
  • High metal adhesion
  • Inhibited for H2S

Physical Properties

  • Consistency, Cone Penetration (D-217) 220-300
  • Dropping Point, °F (D-566) none
  • Oil Separation, % wt. loss (D-1742) 5 max
  • Oxidation Stability (D-942) 10 max
  • Rust Preventive Test (D-1743) pass
  • Temperature range: -10° to 550°F
  • Color – tan
  • Type Oil – synthetic
  • Corrosive Inhibitor – Imidazoline Derivative
  • EP Additive – Diester Type

Product Code – EV3