Everlast 118 High Temp Valve Lubricant

Everlast 118 High Temp Valve Lubricant


Everlast 118 is a high temperature, synthetic valve lubricant and sealant for gate, ball, and plug valves. This product is thermally stable to 600°F. It is a hydrocarbon resistant lubricant for use in methane, ethylene, propane, crude oil and diesel. This grease provides corrosion protection against CO2 and H2D and is water resistant.


For use in high temperature gate valves and ball valves. Suitable for use in hydrocarbon gasses.

DO NOT use in oxygen service.


  • Fully additive treated
  • 100% synthetic
  • High metal adhesion
  • Inhibited for H2S and CO2

Physical Properties

  • Color – dark gray to black
  • Temperature range: -40 to 600°F
  • Penetration, 25°C, wkd, 60 strokes 220 to 230
  • Drop Point, °C none
  • Oxidation Stability, (D-942) 10 max
  • Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.02

Product Code – 118