Everlast 116 Multi-Purpose Valve Lubricant

Everlast 116 Multi-Purpose Valve Lubricant

Everlast 116 is a high performance, multi-purpose, synthetic valve lubricant and sealant for gate, ball, and plug valves. It is insoluble in water, hexane, and propylene glycol. The advanced polymers used in this formulation make it an excellent choice for valves carrying natural gas, crude oil, condensate, and ethylene. Everlast 116 is a specialized lubricant for close tolerance valves and will provide outstanding lubricity and high adhesion to polished metal surfaces. This grease provides corrosion protection against CO2 and H2S and is water-resistant.



For use in gate valves and ball valves. Suitable for use in hydrocarbon gasses.

DO NOT use in oxygen service.




  • Fully additive treated
  • 100% synthetic
  • High metal adhesion
  • Inhibited for H2S and CO2


Physical Properties


  • Color – white
  • Freeze Point – -50°C
  • Temperature range: -40 to 400°F
  • Penetration, 25°C, wkd, 60 strokes 230 to 240
  • Drop Point, °C none
  • Oxidation Stability, (D-942) 10 max
  • Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.08


Product Code – 116




EV-116 - SDS


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