196 Sealant – for McEvoy Valves

196 Sealant – for McEvoy Valves


196 Special should be use din both reservoirs in McEvoy gate valves to insure sealing, dependability, and easy operation. Recommended for properly sealing valves that handle gas a condensate, oils, butane, gasoline, ammonia, glycerin, and sour gas. Use Lubchem 196 Sealant for leak proof trouble free service in McEvoy, WKM, and other gate valves. Recommended temperature range -30 to 250°F.

Physical Properties

  • Appearance – tan with a characteristic odor
  • Density – 9.35 to 9.55 lbs/gal
  • Oil Separation – will not occur
  • Corrosion Inhibitor – Imidazoline
  • EP Additive – Diester type

Product Code – M196