Defend Waterways Against Oil Spills

Even the most conservatively constructed pollution control systems can be defeated by large, unforeseen oil spills. The Oil Stop Valve is a low-cost solution for containing hydrocarbon spills on the premises until they can be safely disposed of. The ballasted float is the only moving portion of Lubchem‘s Oil Stop Valve, which is made of either non-corrosive Stainless Steel or PVC. When an oil leak develops, the float loses buoyancy as the free-floating oil depth rises, eventually seating on the discharge port, which closes and confines the spill.

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Oil Stop Valve Construction

To give additional design freedom and price alternatives, the Oil Stop Valve housing is made of non-corrosive PVC (low risk of fire) or stainless steel (high danger of fire). It’s usually put below ground and in line with the pipe system, although it may also be built inside a pre-assembled concrete manhole or vault.

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Features of Oil Stop Valve

The features of Oil Stop Valve are as following: –


Have large flow capacity

Only one moving part and no power requirement

Self-operating options

Corrosion resistant construction

Outlet sizes4”, 6”, 10” & 12”

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Benefits of Oil Stop Valve

The benefits of Oil Stop Valve are as following: –

Can be used as part of spill prevention control and countermeasure plan

Eliminates the need for additional structures

Low operation and costs

Ease of operation

Increased longevity and service life

Design flexibility

Applications of Oil Stop Valve

Consider using the Oil Stop Valve in situations where oil leaks are a possibility but not certain. These includes: –

Electric power plants, transformer yards, substations

Crude oil, biodiesel, petroleum processing & storage facilities

Transportation fuelling systems and equipment wash pads

Airports and aircraft services


Truck & marine terminals

Post oil water separator

Military and government facilities

Fleet maintenance facilities

Commercial filling station

Auto part recycles/salvage yards

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