You’ve probably heard manufacturers talking about toll blending, and you may wonder,“What is that?” It is one of the best ways to leverage the services of chemical manufacturers. But, toll blending varies from traditional contract manufacturing. This guide explores the basics of toll blending, including its benefits.

Toll blending is the outsourcing of the production of chemical products to a third-party company known as the blender. The toll blender receives the raw materials, formula, and packaging, then transforms it into a final product at a production fee. It’s one of the most effective ways chemical companies can lower production risks.

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Now, let’s look at what toll manufacturing is and its benefits in manufacturing processes.

What is Toll Blending? 

Toll blending is a manufacturing process where companies with complex chemical formulations get their batches mixed, processed, and packaged into final products at a fee. So, companies with unique specialty chemicals can send their raw materials to the blending companies for processing. In some cases, blenders can offer delivery services of the final products.

Benefits of Toll Blending

Outsourcing toll blending services has many benefits, including reduced production costs. Besides, you’ll have more time to focus on your core marketing strategies and let a third-party company handle the production processes. In addition, companies that already manufacture their chemicals can still outsource toll blending services when:

  • Their chemical needs are seasonal
  • They don’t see the need to invest in additional production capacities
  • They need batches that don’t align with their current production schedule
  • The companies want to expand their production capacities geographically


Most companies that offer toll blending services can safeguard confidential information upon request. So, before discussing the specifics of a toll blending project, both parties must sign a mutual non-disclosure confidentiality agreement. That ensures that any confidential and proprietary information is safe and protected.

Lubchem Can Help You 

What is toll blending? So far, you know how toll blending works and its benefits to production companies. If you opt to source the blending services, you won’t need capital for equipment and upgrade requirements. The bottom line is to get these services from a reputable company, such as Lubchem. We offer blending services based on our customers’ formulas and specifications.

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