What is a Low-Temperature Lubricant?

What is a Low-Temperature Lubricant?


The temperature you expect a lubricant to work in matters greatly, thus the question, “What is a low-temperature lubricant?” As you consider other factors when selecting a lubricant for a specific question, remember to look at the minimum, maximum, and nominal temperature of the place where it will work. Is it low, moderate, or high?

Lubricants work continuously within a particular temperature range. So, using a lubricant in an environment beyond its temperature specifications can affect your results. It can also lead to component failure, premature wear, and costly repairs and downtime. So, what is a low-temperature lubricant?

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Let’s find out how a low-temperature lubricant works.

How Low-Temperature Lubricants Work

Low-temperature lubricants are suitable for low-torque valve operation in colder environments. It is ideal for valves carrying aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids and gases, such as kerosene, water, condensate, crude distillates, fuel oils, and dilute acids. The good thing is that it is waterproof and highly resistant to oxidation.

When it is Needed

Low-temperature lubricants are water-resistant and have excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, their high metal adhesion makes them suitable for low-torque applications. Consider using this fully additive-treated lubricant in cold environments.

Types of Low-Temperature Lubricants

These lubricants are tested and approved for low-temperature torque values at extreme environmental conditions. However, low-temperature lubricants have different chemical compositions. For example, some consist of Polyalphaolefin (PAO) and Perfluoropolyether (PFPE).

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So far, you know the answer to the question, “What is a low-temperature lubricant.” However, choosing the best lubricant for your applicant may still be a big problem. In that case, Lubchem can help you select a high-quality lubricant that suits your needs. Then, we’ll evaluate your applications and recommend the best lubricant to use.

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